The Renzo Armici’s company was born in 1957 thanks to Mr. Renzo’s will that decides to start working on his own, following a passion born working in factory.
He started to work plastic and natural buttons and in the years , with
the generational change, he added new materials and workings
making a lot of fashion accessories too.
The company passed down for three generations, is managed by a
family and a small group of specialized workman.
We work ONLY MADE IN ITALY approved materials, recorded and
monitored that strictly follow the existing rules of the CEE.
Always searching of new techniques and processes for our products
made of metallic material (zamak, brass) and with non-toxic glazes
using epoxy resins.
OUR FLAGSHIP IS TO PERSONALIZE: starting from the drawing to get to the finished piece, mold realization, printing and the finishing
touches. Our flagship is the diamond cutting and glazing of various
types of items from a simple button to zipper pulls, pins, buckles and
so on.
Always ready to help and satisfy our customer with special techniques
but all manuals...